Million Happy Vibes

KOKOS is a company with a long history in making candies. It is a brand well-known for its traditional flavours, loved by older generations.

When the challenge to introduce intriguing new flavours to a younger audience arose though, we were more than up for it.

We wanted to create an identity that expressed the distinctive flavour combinations with 0% sugar of the candies and the emotions they evoke: happiness, satisfaction, style, guilt-free pleasure

The brand was justifiably named “Million Happy Vibes”. The logo was designed with bold, curvy fonts, while a smile line underlines the name, emphasizing the feeling we need the consumers to have.

Regarding the packaging we went with bold colours to represent the candies’ bold flavours. We created realistic mouthwatering illustrations of both the candies and the ingredients that make them delicious, depicting the merit of each flavour on the illustrations, such as luscious creaminess for the salted caramel, a splash of freshness for mint and eucalyptus and so on.

We placed the name of the flavour, the fact that it does not contain sugar and the benefit of each flavour next to the illustration of the main ingredients, while the name of the motherbrand (KOKOS), was placed on the centre of the candy, at the lower part of the packaging.

The overall effect was that of a vibrant, fun and inviting packaging series.