KOKOS Candies

When asked to redesign KOKOS’ packaging, a brand inextricably linked with our childhood memories, our goal was to bring its values to the present day.

We initially proceeded with an uplift of the logotype. We kept its shape, but took away the black contour and “softened” its curves, thus making it more modern, while maintaining its character.

Then we began working on the packaging.

Regarding the different flavours’ packaging we used a vibrant and pleasant pallete. We chose colours representative to each flavour, but also ones that coexist harmoniously as a whole. In addition, they are eye-catching and stand out on the shelf.

As for the design, we created curves and “waves” inspired by the lush, rich texture of the liquid caramel. The different flavours were illustrated vividly and realistically in order to activate the senses of the consumers.

Finally, the fonts used were chosen for their classic lines that complement the nostalgic character of the rest of the design, while also being clear and easy to read.