Athens International Airport

Logo & corporate identity design

Athens International Airport (AIA) entrusted us with the redesign of the identity for the airport’s official parking services. We undertook the complete redesign of the AIA Parking identity and delved into the strategic and brand repositioning of each of the Parking’s services offered, in order to promote their individual benefits.

Our challenge was to create a credible and bold identity instantly recognised as connected to the AIA, while keeping it simple enough in order for guests from all over the world to easily understand it. The different services had to be both readily distinguished, but fitting under the same cohesive design.

For this reason, we combined the universal Parking sign with the renowned AIA logo, composing a powerful identity. Regarding the names of the services, we retained the existing ones (Short term 1, Short Term 2, Long term, Economy, Valet), as they are identifiable by all and perfectly describe the services. We also took under consideration that they are consistent with the signs leading to the airport, which would not be easily replaced.

Each service’s logo design was attributed with friendly, clear, and austere lines, creating feelings of safety and dynamics, while we used minimal, yet modern color coding carefully chosen to further distinguish each of the different Parking services.