Logo & corporate identity design

Relational is a leading business software provider with international footprint and a long track record of serving major players across core industries such as banking, telecommunications, retail, and many more.

However, its identity was outdated and did not represent the real image of the company, nor the full extent of its services. Therefore, we were tasked with the rebranding of Relational and with creating a brand that corresponded to the company’s progress and gravitas, while acknowledging and respecting its history.

Inspired by coding we designed an identity that begins its journey within the coding “tags”, but -as Relational itself- moves forward and beyond them.

We selected colours that are bold and vivid to communicate the main traits of Relational: technology and progress. Moreover, the deep represents the company’s history and gravitas, while the mint blue is the element of renewal and evolution.

The new typeface best reflects the strength and the potential of the company, while being in perfect balance with the symbol.

Finally, the “tags” become a communication vehicle that serves all applications, creating a unique housestyle for online and offline materials.