Reimagine Tourism GR

Logo & corporate identity design

We were tasked with creating the identity of “Reimagine Tourism in Greece”, an initiative by “ΚΑΘΗΜΕΡΙΝΗ” that aims to bring together industry leaders, policymakers, and experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities in promoting sustainable tourism practices in Greece.

For the design of the identity we were inspired by two symbols inextricably linked with Greece, the sun and the boat.

The sun was divided into 4 quarters, three of which were used to shape the boat.

Another quarter was taken away from our boat, creating in its absence a sail (implying the existence of wind and movement).

Our sail, metaphorically blown by the wind, grew and evolved, just as we imagine tourism will grow and evolve in Greece through this summit.

The fourth quarter remained in its original size, symbolizing the Greek spirit that remains a constant and perpetual value through the ages.

The sea that the boat sails on, gave us the colour for the logotype.