Gobi Gold Genius

Logo & packaging design

Packaging Design for Kids Multivitamins


Gobi Gold is a brand well known for its amazing multivitamin formula, its supreme quality ingredients and its cutting-edge technology that comprise a synthesis that the body can utilize with just one capsule a day.


They assigned us to design an exclusive range of multivitamin supplements targeted at children.


The brand wanted to move away from the clinical look of supplements to create a more fun-looking daily supplement that children will want to interact with and not perceive it as a medicine.


One of the best and most effective ways to entertain children is to tell stories using animals as characters. This can help mothers more easily feed and give vitamins to their children. The original idea behind the design of the fox was to create a sense of curiosity and familiarity to the child and make them interested in the contents, while enabling the mothers to create such a story and entertain their child by showing them the pictures.