Logo & corporate identity design

We were assigned by Alpha Bank, after an open design invitation, to rebrand their Cultural Collection logotype.

Alpha Banks’ collections are precious and consist of a vast number of rare Greek cultural treasures. The Banks’ Collections are: Art Collection, Numismatic Collection, Historical Archives and Library.

In the broader context of modernizing the promotion of the Cultural Collections’ new website and venues, Alpha Bank, proceeded with the redesign of their logo, and for that, they picked us.

We designed the new logo bearing in mind Alpha Banks’ legacy and status as well as the invaluable historical and archival material, Art, and the library it manages.

Our aim was to depict each Collections’ pillar precisely, to be recognizable across the globe, representing Greek culture and heritage, always aware of the digital challenges, the modernization objective and keeping the new logotype under the auspice of the mother brand: Alpha Bank.

Thus, the new logo is robust and contemporary, almost Doric. Simple yet meaningful minimalistic lines portrayed by four distinctive symbols, clearly establish what each Collection holds.

The colors chosen for the four different Collections range from the status-oriented to the future-proof palette allowing direct correlations to each pillars’ content.

The descriptive Greek word «ΠΟΛΙΤΙΣΜΟΣ» and its Latin translation “POLITISMOS”, in capital letters for gravity, were treated in accordance with the lines of the symbols, for optimum consistency.

The brand-new logotype is to be implemented across all online and offline versions of the Collections’ venues.